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Delightful Updates Newsletter: Keeping faith-driven entrepreneurs in-the-know with what's working in paid advertising.

Keeping faith-driven entrepreneurs in-the-know with what’s working in paid advertising.

Keeping faith-driven entrepreneurs in-the-know with what’s working in paid advertising.

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Dive into today’s treasure, where nuggets of golden wisdom are waiting to be discovered! 💎

In today's newsletter, we're sharing tips to level up your email list, demystifying the world of Facebook ad metrics, and celebrating a spectacular client win! 🎉

Level Up!

🤔 Sooooo…how many email leads do you need to hit your 💰 goals?

Most people don't know!

Here’s the deal…

On average, 1% of your list will buy. (That’s only 10 sales per 1,000 subs).

That’s IF you have an offer your audience wants.

Sounds low, right?

It is, but it’s considered industry standards.

Don't worry! 😊 Here’s how to help grow that email list!

Step 1️⃣: Create an irresistible, KILLER freebie! 🎁

How’s how:

  • Make it super valuable (not just Googleable).
  • Make sure the sign-up form includes a clear “Call to Action” button above the fold. (That means it’s at the top of the page—so no one has to scroll just to sign up).
  • Make the headline and subheadline clear (so they know what they’re signing up for—AND what they’ll get).
  • Make sure the messaging is clear about how your offer will get them the transformation they’re looking for.
  • Make sure it’s optimized for mobile view!
  • Finally, make sure the page is loading quickly. (Run a page speed load test for free online.)

👉 Promote your freebie, then check the data! 📊

The page conversion rate should be 30% (at least!).

That means for every 100 people who land on your registration page, at least 30 are registering.

If not, continue to tweak and test different things until you get the conversion rate higher!

You’ve got this! 💪🎉

What Do I Track?

When running a Facebook ad campaign, it's crucial to keep an eye on specific data points to maximize your overall performance.

There are certain minimum metrics to be looking for when running a Lead or Sales objective campaign.

Here's a list to help you out:

Reach & Impressions 📡: Track how many people see your ad and how often they see it. It's all about spreading the word!

Link Click-through Rate (LCTR) 🖱️: (The Gold Standard!) Measure the percentage of people who click on the link to go to your webpage after seeing your ad. A winning ad should have at least a 1% LCTR. (Higher LCTR = better performing ads!)

Cost per Click (CPC) 💰: Monitor how much you're spending for each link click on your ad. Keep that budget in check! (Most of my clients aim for under $2, but this can vary depending on your niche and industry.)

Conversion Rate (CVR) 🎯: Track the percentage of people who completed your desired action (purchase, sign-up, etc.) after clicking on your ad.

Cost per Conversion (CPCV) 🏧: Keep tabs on how much you're spending for each successful conversion. Your wallet will thank you!

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) 📈: The ultimate success indicator when running a sales campaign! Calculate the revenue generated compared to your ad spend.

Frequency ⏰: Monitor how often the average user sees your ad. You don't want to annoy them with overexposure! (A frequency of 4+ to a cold audience could mean it’s time to update the ad.)

Demographics & Interests 🌍: Analyze who's engaging with your ad (age, gender, location, interests) to better understand your audience.

Ad Placement Performance 📌: Keep track of how each ad placement (Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, etc.) is performing to optimize your ad distribution.

There are just a few of the metrics we track for our clients EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This helps us understand our clients' offers and audiences better, so we know what to continue improving from week to week.

Keep a close watch on these data points to improve your conversion Facebook ad campaigns like a pro! 🎸


Meta: Mark Zuckerberg announced that Meta “aims to use generative AI in creating ads for different companies by the end of the year.”

Audible: Ads might soon be coming to your Audible listening experience. Audible is one of the largest audiobooks platforms. And it’s testing ads to see how they’ll work as a revenue channel. Since we need to “go where our people are,” it stands to reason your people might be listening.

AI: Adobe is getting into the generative AI game with Firefly.

Meta: Far from the rumors that Facebook is dying, Meta recently announced it reached 2 billion daily active users! That’s the highest it’s ever been. And their “today and tomorrow” overview shared its plans to focus on “artificial intelligence, messaging, creators and monetization” this year.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn announced that their Messenger Ads are being replaced by Click-to-Message Ads. Instead of getting unsolicited message ads in your inbox, the new ad placement allows users to initiate the conversation. After clicking on the ad, users are taken to their inbox where they can engage in the conversation with the advertiser further. Excited to see how these do!


Client Win

Oh my gosh, you guys! We just had an amazing client win that I can't wait to share with you! 🥳

So, our client just launched a brand new masterclass to her audience, and guess what? It totally crushed it, leading to a successful sale of her program at the end! Just check out these awesome numbers:

🚀 Total Revenue Generated: $20,028! 💰

💸 Total Spent on Ads: $3,479.98

🎯 ROAS (Return on Ad Spend): A fantastic 5.8X! 🎉

💵 Profit: A whopping $16,548.02!

🔥 Leads: 301

Now, you might be thinking, "Hold up, a Cost Per Lead (CPL) of $11.56? That's way too high!" 😱 But let's take a step back and remember our little chat from last time...

Earnings Per Lead (EPL) is the real MVP when it comes to measuring success in your business.

So, don't forget to keep an eye on those KPIs in your ad campaigns and make sure you're on track. If you are, you're doing great!

Here's the deal: you'll know the perfect CPL for YOU when it's lower than your EPL. And in this case, our client's EPL was an amazing $66.54! 🤩

As this was a new masterclass, we now know what to improve for next time. So, let's learn from this experience and keep crushing it together! 🚀


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Delightful Notes From Clients

“Jenn opened my eyes to how much social media ads can skyrocket your business no matter what niche or market you are in.”
Landon Crawford
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“The ads were profitable from our very first few weeks working together!”
Mallory Dittmer
“The ads are more than I could have imagined, and I have already made back my investment.”
Sara Rudin
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