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Get The Most Out Of Your Ads

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Keeping faith-driven entrepreneurs in-the-know with what’s working in paid advertising.

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Ahh, remember the good old days of online marketing and advertising?


Back when a website and some Google AdWords were all you needed to be a pro? 


Well, those days are long gone! Algorithms and platforms change fast, and staying on top of the game can be hard. It's a wild and exciting ride!


But that's why you're here . . . for the latest insights and strategies to help you stay ahead of the curve.


So buckle up, grab a cup of coffee, and let's dive in.

Fast-Track Your Audience Growth With These Tips

Many people think that growing an audience means simply getting new paying customers.

But growing an audience is the first (and important) step to building a profitable business. 

Now more than ever, there are simple tools and platforms available to help you expand your audience and reach new customers. 

And with so many options, it can be hard to know where to start and how to craft the right advertising campaign for your business.

Here are some of our best tips to help you fast-track your audience growth and expand your customer base.

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Do THIS to Get the Most Out of Your Ads

If you’ve interacted with me for a while, you’ll know I talk about the importance of knowing your numbers.

Here’s the truth . . . we make better business decisions based on numbers and data . . . NOT emotions.

So, there are some foundational numbers to look at before — and while — running ads. (But something you should be looking at in your business anyway…even if you’re not advertising.)

I’m talking specifically about conversion rates.

What’s a conversion rate?

It’s simply the percentage of users who take a desired action. (For example, signing up for a free lead magnet, registering for a live webinar, or buying a product or service.)

The problem is, many business owners don’t know where to even look to find this information.

And knowing where to find it can depend on the platform you’re using.

There are typically analytics in place on most platforms that will tell you the number of views (or visitors, users, etc.) specific pages have received.

Some platforms will show you the conversion rate without you having to do the math yourself.

If not, here’s what you do . . .

Divide the number of views of the confirmation page within a given time frame by the number of views of your registration or sales page. Then multiply that number by 100.

So, if your landing page had 1,000 visitors and of those, 450 took the desired action, then your conversion rate is 45%.

I encourage you to make sure you’re meeting the minimum standards for the action you’re measuring.

Here are just a few examples:

  • 30% for registering for a free lead magnet or live training.
  • 10% for the show-up rate to a live webinar.
  • 3-5% for purchasing a low-ticket video-series training.
  • 20% for a low-ticket order bump after an initial purchase.

Starting with this knowledge will set you up for the most success when it’s time to invest in paid advertising.

Remember, ads are like pouring gasoline on a fire.

Let’s make sure you’ve got a fire started first, so you’re not just pouring gasoline on wet wood.


ChatGPT: Here’s a FASCINATING visual that shows how quickly ChatGPT hit 1,000,000 users compared to other services in the past like Meta, Netflix, and Spotify.

AI-driven search engines: On that same note, things are changing quickly since the release of ChatGPT. Microsoft and Google recently announced their AI-powered search engines. (SEO and online searching may never be the same again!)

Meta: It’s not surprising to hear that Meta’s profits fell 55% during the final quarter of 2022. But there’s good news for advertisers! They exceeded expectations in other areas:

  • Quarterly revenue reached $32.17B vs. the $31.53B expected.
  • Active users on the platform went up 4%, hitting two billion.
  • Ad impressions went up 23% year over year.
  • The price per ad went down by 22%!

Google Analytics: URGENT! If you haven’t already, it’s time to make the switch to Google Analytics 4 now! Universal Analytics standard properties will stop processing data on July 1…of this year. That’s less than 5 months away.


Promoting a downloadable PDF lead magnet to grow an email list of ideal clients.

Email list subscribers added: 14,556

Cost per lead: $2.28

Total Ad Spend: $33,211.77



When the unexpected happens…

In my last newsletter, I shared my excitement for attending the Marketer’s Heart event.

But my dad experienced some complications a few days after his surgery so I stayed to help a while longer.

I was exactly where I needed to be.

I’m thankful he’s progressing well. And I’m now home…and looking forward to my next live event.

I’m hosting a retreat at our lake house just outside of Dallas for the Unboxed CEO Mastermind with Jen Myers (founder of Homeschool CEO). 

I. Can’t. Wait. to be with my business peeps again and focus on business strategy and growth together. I just adore these incredible women, and ALWAYS get challenged and learn a ton from Jen.  

My Secret for Getting Things DONE

I remember laying on a mat in the gym several years ago listening to a business-related podcast while counting the number of reps for the core exercise I was sweating through.

The host was interviewing the founder of ClickUp.

I had never heard of it before and was impressed with the background info he was sharing.

I found myself doing more reps just to finish listening to the podcast. (Or maybe just resting longer in between sets…who knows?!) 😉 

ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity tool created by a team that seemed highly responsive to the needs of its users. 

Here’s the thing…I consider myself to be a fairly organized person.

But there was a time in my business where I was drowning in a sea of to-do lists, emails, and scattered notes.

I HATE feeling overwhelmed and disorganized.

It affects not only my own productivity but also the success of my business and the inability to stream-line a growing team.

I tried ClickUp, and was hooked! I was able to bring my work in one place, save time, and streamline my workflow. 

And it has continued to simplify everything.

With ClickUp, I’m able to plan, track, and collaborate on projects with ease with my team. 

If you’re struggling to stay organized, keep up with project workflows, and need help managing the day-to-day tasks in your business (and in life), ClickUp is the project management I recommend.

Click here to try ClickUp for FREE today!


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