Ad results can differ depending on the desired goal of each client and the overall strategy implemented. There are many variables that determine the results of each ad campaign.

Although results cannot be guaranteed, I work hard to get the best results possible for my clients.

Here are a few examples of recent successful campaigns for various clients with a variety of strategies.

Lead Generation Campaigns

Results are post iOS 14 updates

Quiz Lead Magnet

Email list subscribers: 3,076
Cost per lead: $1.76
Total Ad Spend: $5,402.98

Downloadable PDF Lead Magnet

Email list subscribers: 4,692
Cost per lead: $4.46
Total Ad Spend: $20,908.92

Downloadable PDF Lead Magnet

Email list subscribers: 3,244
Cost per lead: $3.77
Total Ad Spend: $12,229.43

Private Podcast Lead Magnet

Email list subscribers: 493
Cost per lead: $3.18
Total Ad Spend: $1,565.74

Downloadable PDF Lead Magnet

Email list subscribers: 14,556
Cost per lead: $2.28
Total Ad Spend: $33,211.77

Quiz Lead Magnet

Email list subscribers: 1,787
Cost per lead: $0.86
Total Ad Spend: $1,538.61

Live Launch Campaigns

Results are post iOS 14 updates

5-Day Challenge

Challenge registrations: 601
Cost per registration: $2.29
Total Ad Spend: $1,375.45

Live Workshop

Workshop registrations: 479
Cost per registration: $3.48
Total Ad Spend: $1,666.85

5-Day Challenge

Challenge registrations: 5,124
Cost per registration: $2.72
Total Ad Spend: $13,913.06

Live Webinar

Webinar registrations: 245
Cost per registration: $7.67
Total Ad Spend: $1,879.07

Other Campaigns

Results are post iOS 14 updates

Evergreen Summit

Registrations: 594
Cost per registration: $6.89
Total Ad Spend: $4,090.74

Tickets to a Live Conference

Purchases: 108
Cost per purchase: $17.37
Total Ad Spend: $1,876.27

Free Training Through a 7-Day Email Sequence

Registrations: 1,111
Cost per registration: $1.56
Total Ad Spend: $1,729.04

Desired Outcome - Launch of a New Offer

Client launched a new offer using a small budget and within 3 weeks had a 17.5x ROAS.

Desired Outcome - Grow E-mail List Prior to Launching New Offer

This client was previously frustrated by her lack of results after the ios14 updates and targeting expansion changes. In quarter 4 of 2021 (when ad cost was highest for the year), we began working together. She quickly brought in quality leads at $2.90 each while maintaining a high Link CTR well over 1% for every audience we were targeting. In this “new normal” of online advertising, these metrics are VERY difficult to achieve. She’s effectively reaching her ideal customers, continuing to nurture them through her email sequences, and is planning to launch new offers to these audiences in the near future.

Desired Outcome - High Quality Registrations for a Free Challenge

Client was experienced with running her own ads to her 5-day challenges. She was ready to let an expert handle her advertising so she could focus on what she does best. We brought in high-quality leads for $6.81 each. She had her biggest launch ever. Watch her testimonial video here.

Desired Outcome - Promote Early Registration Ticket Sales For a Live Event

My clients wanted to grow their email list and sell tickets for an in-person and virtual conference. They grew their email list by 585 email addresses. The ads resulted in a 4.7x Return on Ad Spend (or ROAS) three months before the event took place. 

Desired Outcome - Add New Members to a Facebook Group

This client was forced to move her in-person shopping event online during the 2020 quarantine season. She created a Facebook group where vendors and clients could join and purchase items directly in the group. We added 600 new members to her Facebook group in only four days! 

Desired Outcome - Membership Launch and Webinar Registrations

This client had a successful launch of their membership, and it was their first time launching using live webinars. As you can see, 1,331 people from cold traffic registered for their webinars from the ads for an average of $0.99 each. (Industry average for webinar registrations can range anywhere from $2 – $24 each.) They ended up getting a 3x Return on Ad Spend (or ROAS)!

Click here to read more in the Case Study.

Desired Outcome - Grow an E-mail List Using One Free Offer

This client grew his email list by almost 3,000 emails with an ad to a free opt-in for a cost of only $0.66 per email address!

Desired Outcome - Grow an E-mail List Using Four Free Offers

My clients wanted to grow their email list before launching their membership, and we ran ads to their four different free offers. The Cost per Result (or Cost per Email Address) averaged well-below industry standards of $2 each. By the end of this campaign, they grew their list by over 5,000 new emails.

Desired Outcome - Increase Traffic to Website on a Minimum Budget

For this client, I ran a video ad to increase traffic to their landing page. She had a minimum daily budget of $10, had 4,000+ landing page views for only $0.15 each, and the Link Click-Through Rate remained exceptionally high at 3.34% with a reach of >100,000 people.

Desired Outcome - Grow an E-mail List Using a Free Quiz

My client wanted to grow her email list before launching a new course using a quiz. The Cost per Result (or Cost per Email Address) was $0.24 each!  (Industry standards were $2 each.)

Delightful Notes
Palm Dark Blue 100

I cannot recommend Jenn enough! I consider myself the Jane of all trades, so relinquishing a piece of my business was very hard. I have an extremely tiny niche in Baton Twirling. Jenn took on this challenge, and not only did she do these ads better than I could have imagined, I have already made back my investment.

I believe it is because of her amazing communication and organizational skills – she made sure I was kept in the loop for every penny that came out of my account for ads.

Her ads helped me get 600 people to join my Facebook group within FOUR DAYS!

She really gets to know me and why my niche is so important to me. If you are lucky enough to cross paths with Jenn, and she has an opening for you, JUMP on that opportunity! I am so glad I found her!

Sara Rudin
Baton Twirling 101
Palm Dark Blue 100

If you’re thinking about hiring a Facebook Ad Strategist, get Jenn to help you out because she knows her stuff. She will dive in and analyze everything you have in your business.

And when it comes to understanding what kind of ads are right for you, she’s the right decision to make. Just take the stress out and let her take care of it. She knows her stuff, and I couldn’t be happier.

I can’t wait to get a chance to have her work on some more of my ads in my next launch.

Brian Singh
Digital Volleyball Academy
Palm Dark Blue 100

My last launch felt so much more at ease knowing Jenn was handling all of the ads. The people who attended the online challenge this time around were amazing, and I know in huge part that was due to the ads Jenn ran.

Jenn was insightful and attentive, and I felt like she truly cared about every detail. She knew how to speak the language of my audience and that was huge for me, as she gave feedback on landing pages and ad copy.

I loved that she is kingdom-minded and brought that piece into my business. It is honestly what stood out for me. And she is brilliant at her work. The video her team created for me got more engagement than I have ever had on any video ad ever.

Our cost per lead was absolutely the lowest it has been in a long time, with very qualified leads! Jenn truly cares for her clients, and it comes across in every part of how she dealt with my business.

Jess Winnett
Amy - headshot

Working with Jenn made me feel like my mental load became lighter before and during launch week. I was able to focus on what I do best because I knew the ads were in great hands.

Her strategy was fantastic, and she was proactive about making tweaks based on ad performance.

Amy Wine
Amy Wine and Company
Profile Pic

I am so grateful that I found Jenn! After working with several other Facebook ads managers, having horrible experiences that just wasted my money, I finally found Jenn.

Not only is Jenn an expert at what she does, but she is also a forward thinker and puts a ton of thought and detail into your business to really help you succeed and grow. She actually cares about your bottom line.

Besides her being such a skilled expert, Jenn is kind, personable, professional and such a delight to be a part of my team!

I can’t thank her enough for all she’s done for me and my business!!!

Brianna Michelle
Brianna Michelle Coaching - The Millionaire Babe

Jenn helped make my first launch with Facebook ads such a success! I added over 600 new members to my Facebook group, and over 800 to my email list, tripling my launch income!

Working with Jenn I was able to significantly increase my Facebook community. The ad campaign she created helped turn cold traffic into warm audiences.

Jenn focuses on the ads and algorithms so I am free to do what God has called and equipped me to do!

Gail Root
Called to Awaken Coaching
Palm Dark Blue 100

I knew that running ads would require specific strategy and knowledge to be effective, so we wanted to work with an experienced ads manager rather than trying to do it ourselves. And working with Jenn was exactly what we were looking for…effective communication, knowledgeable about trends, creative ideas and in general took the entire process off our plate so we could focus on our areas of expertise.

She created engaging copy that was aligned with my brand and messaging and brought a ton of strategy to the table.

I loved that I was hands off in managing or tracking the ads performance. I had complete trust in Jenn’s capabilities and knew that she was always looking out for our best interests, and she was always thinking several steps ahead of me.

Jenn helped us understand the process of running ads and resulted in conversions from our campaigns to grow our audiences.

One word to describe Jenn’s strength is Integrity! This allowed us to have complete trust in her handling the entire process!

Val Cap
The Nurturing Collective
Palm Dark Blue 100

I was referred to Jenn at just the right time. My business had grown very fast. I suppose I thought I’d never need to do traditional marketing, but then I started to see that I was leaving money on the table. I was missing opportunities to 10X the great practice I had, and I didn’t know who to trust.

Finding Jenn was a Godsend. Jenn knows her stuff, and her heart is for her clients’ work. Her mission is the same as mine – to impact the Kingdom – so you know she is working hard for you to win.

Jenn is creative, insightful, and tactful as she encourages you to see your work from the outside. I have learned so much from Jenn and now realize the importance of outsourcing my advertising.

It’s like coaching. If you really want the best of yourself, then you need the best help . . . someone who can give you the expertise you need. Jenn does just that!

Niccie Kliegl
Launch Your Legacy Coaching
Palm Dark Blue 100

Jenn’s knowledge and ability to grow our email list through the first part of the campaign was very helpful! She is timely, creative, and resourceful. She is a strong communicator and motivated to help her clients.

Her heart for the ministry was evident and her desire to use time wisely and most effectively was appreciated. I very much liked the style of video summaries that she offered throughout the campaign. It was an effective use of time and technology.

Jillynn Shaver
Proclaim Truth
Palm Dark Blue 100

Jenn opened my eyes to how much social media ads can rocket your business no matter what niche or market you are in. It helped get my name out there more than it was and created exposure to clients I would have never been able to reach.

Jenn is personable, detail-oriented, passionate about what she does, caring, great at asking questions, helps with engaging questions so you can find not only your ideal client but aspects that I never would have guessed until she brought them to my attention.

She helped me get exposure and get eyes on what potential clients want to see, and she helped funnel in clients that need to see what is offered.

Marketing is not what it used to be, and everyone needs a social media director in their lives if they really want to grow their business!

Landon Crawford
Aqualux Auto Detailing
Palm Dark Blue 100

Jenn got us over 1,300 webinar registrations for only $0.99 each! She did a great job getting us incredible results in our first membership launch!

We had no idea how to do a Facebook ad. Jenn researched the audiences, did all the legwork behind the scenes, and always knew all the data. She even told us what to do to help us be a success!

She’s super positive and fun to deal with, and she’s so encouraging. We were blown away with the results!

Jenn does a great job for us! We’ll continue to use her, and you should too!

Don and Suzanne Manning
Crazy Cool Family
Palm Dark Blue 100

Jenn helped me make sense of the crazy world of Facebook ads! She took what I wanted and ran with it.

She communicated so frequently! I appreciated the updates and encouragement!

She helped make a really overwhelming topic more easily understandable, and I got new opt-ins to my email list!

Katelyn Watson
Founder of 17Twelve
Palm Dark Blue 100

Jenn helped me navigate the very confusing world of Facebook and Instagram ads. It was so nice, with everything I am doing to launch my business, to have this important area taken care of by someone who truly cared about my results.

Jenn was really resilient as we worked through some Facebook policy issues with my content. She was very consistent with her follow-through and was such a great partner in helping me figure out this new world of Facebook ads.

Jenn is incredibly patient, kind, and has a very calming way about her—a much-needed contrast to my stress as a new entrepreneur! The ads were profitable from our very first few weeks working together!

Mallory Dittmer
Coach and Brand Strategist
Palm Dark Blue 100

I cannot say enough amazing things about working with Jenn! Over the past six years, she has supported me with anything from new business endeavors to simple daily tasks. Nothing is too big or too small for Jenn, and her attention to detail is like no other!  She always exceeds my expectations by going above and beyond my requests and takes care of issues that I never even thought about!

Working each day with a smile on her face and positivity to boot, she genuinely loves what she does and is the best! If you are looking for someone to help propel your business, keep you organized, or simply allow you to stay sane in the crazy business world, then Jenn Martin is your girl!!!

Angie Munday
Guru Academic Advising
Palm Dark Blue 100

I absolutely love working with Jenn! She is reliable, proactive, always ahead of my thoughts, and a great communicator. She is the best thing that has happened to me and my business. I can now focus on activities where I’m most gifted, and Jenn can help my productivity by working on the tasks she’s most talented. It’s a great partnership, and my business would not be where it is today without her!

Toni Holly
Life Coach