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AI Insights, Client Success, and Nashville Networking Awaits! ✨

Keeping faith-driven entrepreneurs in-the-know with what’s working in paid advertising.

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Buckle up, friends. Here’s just some of the latest marketing and advertising trends that will empower your online business and help you serve your community in the most impactful way possible. Let's do this! 🙌

Things Are Changing FAST!

It was like a stampede into that room! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

We snagged some seats ASAP and waited a hot minute for the session to start.

My son and I went to Social Media Marketing World in San Diego last week and I will tell you, AI was all the rage. But the one we were excited for, "How to Use AI Tools to Transform Your Marketing and Career," was standing room only.

Our minds were blown. 💥🤯💥

Let me set the record straight. There are tons of self-proclaimed "AI experts" popping up these days. But if there's anyone who truly knows their stuff, it's Paul Roetzer.

He’s been studying AI and its impact on marketing for over a decade. (He used to run a marketing agency, so he gets it.)

Back in the day, AI-powered marketing solutions were announced maybe once or twice a year. But now, things are changing at lightning speed.

In fact, Roetzer had to update his slides the day before the session because there were so many new developments that had just been announced. 😱

Here’s his LinkedIn post from that day…

Keep reading to find a few of the new AI tools on the block.

AI is already shaking things up in our world, from copywriting and graphics and video creation to audience research and automations to save time and energy.

It's changing the game for marketers and advertisers, and we MUST get on board. Whether you like it or not, it's time to embrace the power of AI.

My favorite quote from the session?

"AI won't replace marketers. But marketers who use AI will replace marketers who don't." 💁‍♀️

You can swap out "marketers" for any other job title and it still holds true. Business owners, course creators, business coaches... AI can up your game and inspire you with fresh ideas.

So let's get with the times! 🙌 And…

Let’s Chat CPLs

What's the perfect CPL (Cost Per Lead) for your biz, and how do you figure out if it's good or not?

CPL isn't a one-size-fits-all deal!

It could be anything from a mere buck 💵 to several hundred dollars for each lead. 😱

And, like the weather, it can change based on outside factors like the time of year or how much it costs to advertise.

Here’s the TRUTH: A cheap lead is not always a quality lead.

Sure, CPL is super important to keep an eye on and improve, but the real deal is how much 💰 your business can make from each lead.

First things first – you gotta give your LCTR (Link Click-Through-Rate) and CR (Conversion Rate) some TLC to score the lowest possible CPL for your ads.

If your LCTR is over 1% and the Conversion Rate of people who click the link and turn into leads is on point (as in, meeting industry standards for the action you want — see this blog for more on these standards), then you know your ads are crushing it. 🎯

Next up, it's EPL (Earnings Per Lead) time! 🕒 Calculate the magic number by dividing the total amount your business raked in during a specific period by the number of leads you got.

Here's the important part: A CPL is deemed a success when it's lower than the EPL.

Check out this example: If the CPL is $50 and the EPL is $500, your business is pocketing a profit of $450 per lead.

In that case, keep throwing money at those ads, no matter how your CPL stacks up against others or industry averages. 🚀💪



Open AI’s GPT4: The next version of ChatGPT is out and it's amazing! 💥💻 It's already running Bing and you can use it too if you're a ChatGPT Pro subscriber. The difference between them is incredible!

Google’s PaLM: - Google tried to get in front of the ChatGPT4 announcement that same day by announcing APIs for developers and generative AI tools coming to Google Workspace, but I’m not sure it made a difference. Who would have guessed a few months ago that Microsoft would be a serious threat to Google?!!

AI-Generated Video Creation: This was just announced yesterday…the Gen 2 version of Runway’s AI-video creation. Generate videos with nothing but words. Writing about it won’t even do it justice. I promise, just… watch the video.

Google Ads: Yet another example of AI changing how we advertise. Google announced new AI-powered tools to help create Search ads faster based on your unique assets (including what’s on your landing page). 😱

TikTok: Advertisers will soon be able to bid on keywords and phrases. TikTok is entering the search ad market, bringing more competition to Google and Microsoft. (It *could* be incredible for advertisers…as long as the platform doesn’t get banned in the U.S.)

Meta: Facebook is updating its penalty system to reduce the likelihood of users facing account restrictions for minor rule violations. This change will (or *should*) make it more difficult for users to end up in the so-called "Facebook jail." (Is there hope?!) 🤞


🎉 Incredible results! We ran low-budget ads for a FREE 3-day challenge, without a single sales or retargeting ad – just the free offer! 🎁🔥

Forty percent of registrations poured in from cold traffic!

Our client sold her high-ticket offer on the 3rd day of the challenge, and the results were fabulous:

➡️ Amount Spent on Ads: $779.56

➡️ Cost Per Lead: $3.04

➡️ Total Revenue Generated: $19K

➡️ ROAS: 24x

This success story proves that even with a small budget, you can achieve incredible results when you sell the right offer to the right people (at the right time)! ✨ So, why not give it a shot and see how far you can go? 🏆


Can I just say how EXCITING it was to attend Social Media Marketing World last week!?

Not only did I get to take my oldest son with me (who helps run a turn-key podcasting company while still in college)...

…but I got to meet with online friends and mentors IN REAL LIFE!

Jen Myers

Megan Ericson

Jennifer Bennett

Tara Zirker

Molly Pittman

Michael Stelzner

Pat Flynn

AJ Wilcox

Monica Louie

John Jantsch

…and so many more.

Plus, I got to meet so many new friends, too!

I LOVE live events.

And you know what's even better? I left San Diego — not with a broken ankle — but a notebook full of game-changing ideas, a bunch of new connections, and a big smile on my face. 😎

I can't wait for the next live event in Nashville next month! 🎉

Join me at the Christian Entrepreneur Conference, happening April 27-29 in Franklin, TN (just outside of Nashville).

We will learn all about Kingdom mentorship, business clarity, and the best part?? You will get to be in a room with tons of other Christian business leaders and creatives.

Community + a wealth of knowledge?! It’s a win-win. AND we can meet.

Join me in Nashville. You can use my code “DELIGHTFULADS” for $50 off your ticket!

Steps to use code: 

1. Go to

2. Click "get ticket now." 

3. Enter “DELIGHTFULADS” coupon code in the "have a coupon code" section.

4. $50.00 will be taken off of the ticket price.


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