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Sunny and 72 degrees online…

Delightful Updates Newsletter: Keeping faith-driven entrepreneurs in-the-know with what's working in paid advertising.

January may be over, but the winter is still in full effect. Even in Texas, the ice storm may have shut down schools and businesses, but an online business never stops! 

Keeping faith-driven entrepreneurs in-the-know with what’s working in paid advertising.

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January may be over, but the winter is still in full effect. ❄️🌨

Even in Texas, the ice storm may have shut down schools and businesses, but an online business never stops!

It carries on despite the weather.

With a strong digital marketing foundation, we can keep the sales hot and the customers happy. 

😎As if it’s always sunny and 72 degrees out.

Read on for the latest in online advertising . . . 

Apple Ads

Remember back in 2021 when Apple’s iOS14 update upended the digital advertising world?

(And when everyone hated Facebook for all the changes that made advertising more difficult?) 

Apple claimed they were doing it because of “consumer privacy.”

(I mean . . . Why share their users’ data with other advertising platforms?)

Fair question.

They looked like the hero for protecting users’ privacy.

But most experts assumed they were taking steps to position themselves to enter into the advertising world with their own Apple Ads.

And they have!

It was a sly (but brilliant) move on their part. And it looks like it has worked out in their favor. 

“Apple is set to become one of the top 25 ad sellers, with some experts predicting it could break into the top 10 this year.”

What Is Google Ad Manager? (And How Can It Help Your Business?)

Yep, we’re talking about Google ads today!

If you’ve thought about running Google ads for your business (or dismissed it like your latest 2023 New Year’s resolutions), I’m sharing all about what it can do for you — and for your business.

Think of it like a powerful control center that allows you to access the massive Google (and YouTube) networks that are available for potential ad campaigns.

Your marketing and advertising campaigns are crucial to brand recognition, marketplace growth, and building relationships with your customers.

And your ads need to meet your consumers where they are.

That means digital ad placements and targeting through the multiple channels available on the Google network.

Click the link to read the latest blog to discover more about Google Ad Manager.

Canva and ChatGPT?

Wanna leverage the efficiency of ChatGPT with the creative design of Canva?

Check out this recent video from Brian Dixon where he shows you how to quickly and easily create bulk Instagram stories inside of Canva using ChatGPT. 


TikTok: In an attempt to prevent being banned in the U.S., TikTok is trying to increase its transparency with U.S. lawmakers. It could change how TikTok recommends content and handles user data.

Meta: Bye, people! 👋 Facebook recently updated their terminology. It’s replacing the word “people” inside of the audience and performance metrics with “Account Center accounts.” The change is just in the wording. However, “if a person has one Facebook account and one Instagram account that are linked, they will be counted as one Accounts Center account. But if those same accounts are not linked, they will be counted as two separate Accounts Center accounts for ads planning and measurement purposes.”

LinkedIn: If you’re in the B2B space, you might wanna consider LinkedIn ads. The growth happening on the platform is turning heads. It’s projected that by 2024, LinkedIn will capture nearly 50% of all display ad spending and 25% of all digital ad spending in the B2B space. (If you need help with this, I know a girl.) 😉

ChatGPT: 👈️👈️ An interesting thread…“ChatGPT will kill businesses that don't change. The 6 businesses disrupted (& how you adjust to make a fortune)...”

Delightful Notes

“As someone who has spent hours learning Facebook ads and running ads myself, I finally decided that it was time to hire an ads manager, and working with Jenn has been a dream come true!

It was obvious from the start that her expertise would take my ads to the next level and they have. The best part is knowing that she is testing and tracking and implementing things I've never had time to learn or put in place.

It is such a blessing to have someone else guiding my marketing strategy who is just as passionate about growing my business as I am.


I’m excited to travel for the first time since breaking my ankle last September. 🎉

I never like leaving my family, but I’ll be spending a few days with my mom and caring for my dad after he has an extensive surgery.

From there, I’ll head to New Orleans for the Marketer’s Heart Conference. I can’t wait to hear from the incredible speakers and get to meet up with friends.

Anyone else going?!


P.S. – Whenever you’re ready, here are a few ways I can help you grow your business.


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Delightful Notes From Clients

“Jenn opened my eyes to how much social media ads can skyrocket your business no matter what niche or market you are in.”
Landon Crawford
Aqualux Auto Detailing
“The ads were profitable from our very first few weeks working together!”
Mallory Dittmer
“The ads are more than I could have imagined, and I have already made back my investment.”
Sara Rudin
Baton Twirling 101