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Are Your Ads on Facebook Working? Here’s How To Know

When you’re marketing a business, using Facebook ads is a no-brainer. Facebook has over 2 billion active monthly users. That makes it the most popular global social marketing platform. To get your products or services in front of the largest audience (at at low cost), it’s wise to use this powerful platform. Here’s how to know if your ads on Facebook are working.

Indicators Your Ads on Facebook Are Working

When throwing your hard-earned money into Facebook ads, you definitely want to make sure they’re working for you. Here are some of the top indicators your Facebook ads are doing what they’re intended to do.

You Have a Good Number of Clicks

Always analyze your click-through rate when determining the success of your ads. Generally, anything over 1% means your ad campaign is doing well. That may sound like a tiny percentage, but it’s incredibly difficult to achieve a high click-through rate with ads on Facebook. Facebook ads are disruptive (meaning users aren’t on the platform to buy). The ads need to get user’s attention (with great creatives) and compel them to take action (with magnetic copy) in order for them to click on your link. Photos tend to achieve higher click-through rates than other written content alone.

You Have Good Video Engagement

It’s no secret that videos are preferred by potential customers over other types of content. Short-form video content is reigning right now. People love to watch engaging videos, so you should be using videos in your Facebook marketing campaigns whenever possible. You can tell your Facebook ads are performing the way they should if you have good video engagement. If your video is getting shared and gets a viewing percentage of around 15% or more, you’re doing very well!

You’re Meeting the Goal of the Campaign

The ultimate test to determine whether or not your ads are working is by focusing on the end goal. Are you meeting the objective of each campaign? This brings in the importance of looking at what’s happening BEYOND the ad itself.
  • Are you growing an email list of quality leads at a good CPL (Cost Per Lead)?
  • Are people signing up for your 5-day challenge at an optimal conversion rate once they get to the registration page?
  • Are you hitting your sales projections while maintaining profitability?
These will require looking at the funnel in its entirety. Therefore, it’s important to track every metric from the ad all the way to purchase.

Indicators Your Ads on Facebook Aren’t Working

If your Facebook ads aren’t doing so great, there are ways you can tell right away. Here are some of the top indicators you may need to change your ad strategy on the popular social media platform.

You Have a Poor Click-Through Rate

If your click-through rate is below 0.9%, you may have some work to do with your ads. Perhaps you need to work to make your content more engaging, create graphics or videos that will stop the scroll, or try a new hook or headline to make sure you’re capturing potential customers’ attention. A low link click-through-rate could also indicate you have a targeting problem.  You could have great creatives and great messaging, but if you’re targeting the wrong people you’ll never hit your ideal metrics.

Your “Warning Lights” Are On

Facebook offers an indicator Relevance Score that’s a lot like a warning light if your ads on Facebook aren’t performing well. For example, if your click-through rate drops below 1%, Facebook will drop your Relevance Score. If you have a bad score, it means you need to take action to make it stronger. Your awareness ads should ideally receive a Relevance Score of at least six. Aim for a Relevance Score of at least four for your engagement ads. Your conversion ads should have a Relevance Score of no less than two.

You’re Not Hitting Your End Goals

The ultimate goal in business is to be profitable. However, it’s important to look at the goal of each campaign to see if you’re hitting your projected (and industry standard) metrics.

Get Help Developing an Effective Strategy for Your Ads on Facebook

If you need help developing a good strategy for your Facebook marketing, reach out to Delightful Ads. We offer top-tier social media advertising services to help Christian businesses get better results from their social media marketing efforts. There are many variables that go into creating successful ads on Facebook and other elements of a marketing campaign. We’ll sit down with you to analyze your current situation and recommend approaches that will yield great returns on your investment. Contact us today to get started.