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Expand Your Reach. Scale Your Business.

With Premier Ads Management Services For Faith-Based Entrepreneurs

You've Been Called to Grow a Business

Wouldn’t it feel empowering to do just that without:

✕ Outsourcing ads management to a large agency that treats you like a number . . .

✕ Delegating to a team member who has no experience with larger ad budgets . . . 

✕ Or pouring your trust into a freelancer who doesn’t understand your Kingdom-minded approach to the way you do business?

Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategist Delightful Ads Jenn Martin
Ads Management Should Be Delightful

Make no mistake: Social media ads are the key to scaling your online business – whether you’re selling a coaching program, membership, course, or service. And you shouldn’t have to compromise your vision in order to be profitable.  

You deserve to feel confident that your advertising strategy is successful. Just imagine serving your audience – and God – without overwhelm or worry. And sleeping soundly, knowing your campaigns are expertly optimized to amplify your message and touch more lives.

You deserve Premier Done-For-You Ads Management.

Let’s bring your vision of success to life.

The Action Plan

Hire Jenn!

A Boutique Experience

I deliver a white-glove, high-touch service—so you can be hands-off. My boutique agency is small for a reason: it allows me to treat every one of my client’s businesses (including yours) as if it’s my own.

Celebrating client wins is one of my greatest delights.

A Spiritually-Aligned Vision

As a follower of Jesus, I understand how meaningful it is to do business with those who share your values—and I’m committed to working together to help you scale your business and live out your mission in the marketplace. (No matter who your audience is.)

Data-Driven Results

There’s only one thing that should inform your campaign optimization: data. (Not emotions.) I’ll deploy my research-backed strategies to test, improve, and scale your campaigns—so you can rest assured you’re getting the BEST results possible.

How It Works

Identify your most advantageous target audience and craft a strategic advertising plan—customized to increase your funnel traffic and scale your revenue.

Audit and optimize the technical set-up of your ad account, troubleshoot issues that arise, and offer data-backed solutions to your team.

Create all ad campaigns—including professional copy that captures your voice and on-brand creatives that stand out in a crowd.

Optimize your campaigns with my strategic testing protocol—so I can determine with certainty the action that’s driving success.

Make data-informed decisions to manage your ad campaigns and improve your conversions.

Report on your results weekly and communicate with your team as needed to provide insights and recommendations that support your continued growth.

The Investment


For businesses entering a season of scaling

Ad Spend: $2,000 to $5,000 per month
Management Fee: $2,000 per month
Minimum Commitment: 3 months


For businesses ready to accelerate success

Ad Spend: $5,000 to $10,000 per month
Management Fee: $3,000 per month
Minimum Commitment: 3 months


For businesses that crave exponential growth

Ad Spend: $10,000+ per month
Management Fee: $3,000 + 10% of ad spend
Minimum Commitment: 3 months

Looking For The Right Ads Manager?

You've Found Her.

Scale your business — and honor your purpose — with my Premier Ads Management Services

Is Your Business a Perfect Fit?

My Premier Ads Management package is right for you if:

  • Your heart for God underpins the reason you’re in business, whether you serve a faith-based audience or not.
  • You run a reputable online business that generates multiple 6 or 7 figures annually. You’re motivated to reach 7–8 figures (or more) and you’ve allocated the marketing budget to achieve your goals.
  • You have a marketing coach or an internal marketing professional on your team. You’ll ensure your team has the capacity to optimize your funnels based on data gathered from an influx of incoming traffic and leads.
  • You offer courses, coaching packages, memberships, or services on a national (or international) scale. You may target a niche audience, but you’re not running an eCommerce business.
  • You’re ready to partner with a full-service ads management expert who shares your mission. (Trusting someone else with your ad accounts can be challenging for many heart-centered business owners . . . but the results are undeniably worth it!)

What Our Clients Have To Say...

"Not only is Jenn an expert at what she does, but she is also a forward thinker and puts a ton of thought and detail into your business to really help you succeed and grow. She actually cares about your bottom line."
"Working with Jenn helped us up-level our advertising from a promote-all-the-things approach to a strategy that spends our money strategically. She was the first ad manager to show us projections of what our budget could do and how she was going to get us there BEFORE we spent a dime."
"Jenn is brilliant at her work. The video her team created for me got more engagement than I have ever had on any video ad ever. Our cost per lead was absolutely the lowest it has been, with very qualified leads!"
Jess Winnett