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Questions (and Answers!)

For savvy business owners leveraging Facebook and Instagram ads to grow their brand,

There’s a nifty feature on Facebook that you might have missed, and it’s all set to supercharge your advertising efforts.

The Old Way: Time-Consuming and Tedious

Previously, growing your Facebook page audience meant inviting people one by one to like your page. While this method was effective, it was painstakingly slow, especially when you’re juggling a myriad of business tasks.

The New Era: Bulk Invites

In 2022, Facebook rolled out a game-changing feature: the ability to invite people to like your page in bulk. Here’s how it works:

On Desktop: Navigate to your Meta Business Suite dashboard. Spot the ‘Audience Growth’ section? That’s your ticket. From there, you can select who you want to invite, either manually or by reaction type. And just like that, you’re done.

On Mobile: The steps mirror the desktop version, but be wary of a few bugs. If you hit a snag on mobile, the desktop route is your best bet.

Why This Matters for Your Ads

A larger, more engaged audience on your Facebook page isn’t just about vanity metrics. It directly amplifies the effectiveness of your ads. With a broader audience, your reach expands, and when it’s time for retargeting ads, you have a more substantial base to pull from. In the long run, this means better engagement, higher conversions, and more bang for your advertising buck.

If you’re serious about maximizing your ad performance on Facebook and Instagram, don’t overlook this bulk invite feature. It’s a small step with significant potential returns.

I married the man of dreams who has a heart for God, who can tell the funniest stories, and whose love language is constantly displayed in how he serves others. He can whip up a delicious meal for 100 people with little notice and is brilliant with all things technology. We are still gushy in love and are living out our belief that marriage just keeps getting better with time.

God blessed us with three amazing and hilarious boys. I’m a boy-mom times three! We do loud, and we do fun! Our home is filled with lots of laughter with these guys around!

Fun fact – I used to be a personal trainer. I love working out…specifically weightlifting! I regularly get lost listening to inspiring or educational podcasts while lifting weights. You’ll most likely find me in the free-weights section, and only on a cardio machine when I have to. 

My favorite part of the day is mornings spent either sitting in bed (when it’s cold outside) or in my backyard (on warm mornings) with my journal, Bible, and pen in hand, coffee on the side table, and my two dogs snuggling close by. 

There’s nothing like making memories with loved ones, and my favorite adventures are those travelling to new places. Take me away to the ocean or on a challenging hike in the mountains—it doesn’t matter—as long as it’s intentional time breaking away from the norm and experiencing someplace new. 

I love learning and figuring out how to do something new. I’m sure you’ve heard of Marie Forleo’s “Everything is Figureoutable” book. I believe in having a positive attitude and a “figureoutability mentality.” 

While no one would walk in our home and say we live like minimalists, my husband and I don’t do clutter. I enjoy organizing anything (I say it’s my spiritual gift!) and find that minimizing clutter maximizes my peace of mind and my ability to focus on more important things. I truly believe the less stuff you have, the more you’re able to enjoy the things you do have. That mindset carries over to so many areas of life.