Premier Done-For-You Services


With so many ad managers to choose from, finding the right person for your team (with the right experience) can be challenging.

You need someone who’s dedicated to understanding your business and ideal clients.

You need a quality team player who’s an expert in her field who will treat your business as if it were her own. Someone who doesn’t need to be micromanaged and can work hard to get you maximum results for your upcoming launch.


If you’re ready to hire an expert to completely take over your Facebook and Instagram advertising and skyrocket the success of your business, this is the package for you!


Hire Jenn.


  • Determine a strategic advertising plan to help you achieve your ultimate goal to increase traffic and scale your profit margins.
  • Verify and improve any and all tech setup inside your ad account.
  • Create all ad copy and images.
  • Provide feedback and recommendations of every step within the funnel and identify areas of improvement.
  • Troubleshoot issues that may arise and offer solutions to team members for continual improvement and optimization.
  • Identify optimal target audiences based on your ideal clients.
  • Test and track one variable at a time to determine what’s working and not working.
  • Create all Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.
  • Manage and improve ad campaigns based on data (not drama)!
  • Provide weekly reports and communicate with team members as needed about suggested improvements to continually grow and scale your business.


Have a trusted expert on your team to handle every aspect of your Facebook and Instagram advertising so you can stay in your zone of genius.

I’ll put your offer in front of MORE of your ideal clients and continually bring in high-quality leads! I’ll increase your traffic to help scale your profit margins. I’ll keep you ‘in-the-know’ of what’s working through each phase of testing, optimizing, and scaling.

There’s nothing like the confidence and peace-of-mind knowing you’re working with someone who treats your business as her own.

You deserve to have a trusted advisor on your team who’s driven by RESULTS!


Must be a multi-6- or 7-figure business ready to scale to 7- or 8-figures, or more.

Must have a marketing/funnel expert on your team who will optimize your funnels based on the data that comes with increased traffic.

Must be a reputable online business with national or international offerings (not an eCommerce or local business).


$3000 a month plus 10% in ad spend