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Hi, I'm Jenn

The Advertising Strategist

Scaling Faith-Driven Entrepreneurs to
7+ Figures With Done-For-You Facebook Ads.

Are you frustrated by...

  • The increased cost of running ads?
  • The challenges of the iOS14 updates and algorithm changes? (Let’s face it, last year’s strategies just don’t work anymore.)
  • A previous ad manager who didn’t get results and made your entire team’s job more difficult?
  • The challenge of reaching your exact target audience in this “new normal” in online advertising?

Don’t settle for ineffective advertising that wastes time and money!

Hire the Meta Advertising Strategist who’s driven by RESULTS to skyrocket the growth of your business!

Getting Started Is Easy

1. Apply

Apply for a free consultation to see if Meta Ads are a good fit to grow your business to 7 and 8 figures.

2. Advertise

I’ll create a thorough, customized advertising strategy to grow your business and put your offer in front of your ideal clients. I’ll keep you ‘in-the-know’ of what’s working through each phase of testing, optimizing, and scaling your ads.

3. Get Results

I’m driven to get you results! That means celebrating continual growth, increased revenue, and the confidence your business is making an even bigger impact in the world!

Choose Your Path:

Ads Budget

Hire an expert to completely take over your advertising and skyrocket the success of your business.

Ads Budget
< $2k/Month

Get started with outsourcing your lead generation advertising to grow your email list on a minimum budget.

Meet Jenn,
The Advertising Strategist You've Been Looking For...

I’m Jenn Martin (pronounced Mar-teen‘), an advertising strategist who helps faith-driven entrepreneurs (and their teams) scale to 7 and 8 figures with Facebook and Instagram ads (Meta ads).

My clients include multi-6- and 7-figure course creators, memberships creators, authors, and business coaches.

I’m a wife, a mom of 3 boys, and a follower of Jesus. I believe working together should be a delightful experience.

Adjustments to ad campaigns should be based on data (not emotion) to continually improve performance.

It’s time to hire a trusted team member who understands the art and science of advertising.

I’ll help you attract high quality leads with the right combination of targeting, messaging, and creative.

Plus, I’ll work with your team and provide a holistic approach to advertising based on your full marketing strategy.

If you’re looking for a Digital Advertising Strategist who will accelerate the growth of your business, increase your revenue, and help you make an even bigger impact in the world, I just might be the right one for you.

Let’s make that dream a reality.


Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist

Issued by DigitalMarketer


What Our Clients Have To Say...

"Working with Jenn was a game-changer for our business. While many have reservations about the effectiveness of ads these days, Jenn not only proved that they work but went the extra mile to guide us on improving aspects of our online business to ensure the ads' success. Her recommendations were invaluable, bringing clarity and cohesion to our sales process and website messaging.

Jenn's standout strength is her attention to detail. She doesn't just look at the big picture; she looks at every aspect, even down to minute word choices. As someone who values detail, I appreciated this immensely.

Moreover, our collaboration with Jenn felt beyond just ads. She played a pivotal role in ensuring our launch was a success. I've confidently referred others to her, knowing they'll be in good hands.

Her expertise showcased the true power of ads, and we're grateful for the positive impact she's had on our business."
Brieanna Spears and Caleb Guilliams
(Advisor Elevated)
"Jenn is brilliant at her work. The video her team created for me got more engagement than I have ever had on any video ad ever. Our cost per lead was absolutely the lowest it has been, with very qualified leads!"
Jess Winnett
“Working with Jenn has been a dream come true! It was obvious from the start that her expertise would take my ads to the next level and that’s what has happened. The best part is knowing that she is testing and tracking and implementing things I've never had time to learn or put in place.”
"Working with Jenn helped us up-level our advertising from a promote-all-the-things approach to a strategy that spends our money strategically. She was the first ad manager to show us projections of what our budget could do and how she was going to get us there BEFORE we spent a dime."
"We got webinar registrations for only $0.99 each! We were blown away with the incredible results of our membership launch."
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