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STEP ONE: Watch this video!

The Ultimate Digital Pre-Launch Checklist was created because so many of my clients who came to me were missing out on valuable tactics and strategies that would have set them up for better success BEFORE they were ready to hire an ads manager.

In this freebie you’re not only going to have the knowledge you need to fill the custom audiences in the backend of Facebook and Instagram organically, you will also see one of my favorite hacks to target members inside of a Facebook group.

These are powerful tips that have helped my clients, most of whom had never heard of these before working with me. I can’t wait for you to begin implementing them!

If you know you want to use paid ads on Facebook and Instagram when you launch, you might want to look at more details about The Purposeful Pre-Launch course.

It’s a step-by-step course to building an engaged audience using Facebook and Instagram ads BEFORE you launch your digital course or program. (Even if you haven’t finished creating it yet.)

STEP TWO: Here’s your “Ultimate Digital Pre-Launch Checklist!”

Delightful Notes From Clients

"Not only is Jenn an expert at what she does, but she is also a forward thinker and puts a ton of thought and detail into your business to really help you succeed and grow. She actually cares about your bottom line."
"Working with Jenn helped us up-level our advertising from a promote-all-the-things approach to a strategy that spends our money strategically. She was the first ad manager to show us projections of what our budget could do and how she was going to get us there BEFORE we spent a dime."
"We got webinar registrations for only $0.99 each! We were blown away with the incredible results of our membership launch."