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Here’s Why Now May Be the BEST Time to Advertise on Facebook and Instagram

Right now, many businesses are choosing to stop their advertising (or are forced to because of the economic downturn.)

If you are shifting your business and trying to reach new clients, now might be the best time to advertise on Facebook and Instagram.

Ads are cheaper now than they were just a few weeks ago. AND there’s not as much competition.

Are you a restaurant that’s changing how you serve your customers? Are you growing an online business now that people are spending more time online?

Social Media advertising allows you to place your ads directly in front of your ideal audience. Target only men or women, people in a specific city or zip code, or those who are following other pages or have specific interests.

Traditional marketing methods can be expensive and are often less effective.

Get the direct feedback you need to determine what works and what doesn’t. You’ll see which images, copy, and headlines your audience loved most and which ones they didn’t. Grow your email list, get more traffic in your door, and expand your visibility and brand awareness by targeting your ideal clients!

Social Media ads are your direct link to your ideal customer. Let’s grow your business and maximize your return on your ad dollars! Contact me if you’re ready to begin!

Here's Why Now May Be the Best Time to Run Facebook and Instagram Ads Delightful in the Details Jenn Martin